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[ Private to the Crew of Serenity sans Kaylee; Intentionally very easy to hack. ]

Someone's been playing where they shouldn't. In and out of minds altering and twisting. Changing patterns and processes, without a thought to the well-being of another.

Something's wrong with Kaylee.

Two by two, a pair, a match, a set. Salt and pepper. No logical reasoning or explanation or physical possibilities that creatures of their size and mass could exist naturally on this planet.

So unnaturally. From outer space? Extra terrestrials that are of inhuman nature and origin, unlikely but possible, outside this solar system's reach, outside the galaxy, maybe even.

She's a long long way from home, and she brought friends. One now, maybe more. Could be breeding, planet was destroyed, sent to recover.

Doesn't seem likely, why would we still be alive?

A flood could be coming. Two by two, onto the ark. The equations and ideology of the myth can't be quantified, still can't find any sense in them. No way to fit that many animals, no way to fit her and her pepper.

We're going to need a bigger boat.


He wouldn't leave, not with out me. Can't find him but I'm hearing a path, hide and seek, he's hiding, I have to seek.

I'll find him and bring him home.


Drop another grape in, they'll live for another week.

She fell through the cracks in time and space. From one universe to another without reason or a cohesive and realistic pathway.

Earth-that-was, five-hundred years ago. Found others like herself, don't belong, don't fit within the realistic parameters of the temporal space.

And yet we're still here. Still existing. Can't seem to see or hear beyond the walls but within we can still interact. They want us to interact. Wouldn't have working message boards if they were trying to cut us all off.

Like ants in an ant farm.

Someone watching, but growing bored and neglecting to feed the ants. Slowly they wither and die. Or turn to cannibalism.

Simon, I know you're here.