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River Tam
18 February
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at length did cross an albatross
Character Name: River Tam
Series: Firefly/Serenity
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Human
Sexuality: 2 crazy 4 u
Appearance: River Tam is made up of unusual parts. Her face is small and her forehead is high, her dark brown eyes are quite large, and the manner in which she looks at things, with her eyes wide often gives her a bug-eye appearance. Her dark brown hair is worn down and without fuss or care, there's a natural wave to it, and sometimes it's brushed, sometimes she doesn't remember to do it or Kaylee isn't there to do it for her. It makes no difference to her if it's knotted or brushed, she doesn't pay it any mind.

Physically she is long-limbed and rail thin, gangly but entirely graceful in the way she moves, a natural dancer physique, one might say. She wears whatever is set out for her, she likes floating dresses best, and prefers to be barefoot, although she will succumb to the necessity of shoes.
Manhattanite or outsider? outsider

thorough the fog it came
Personality: It's difficult to tell what kind of person River may have been before the Alliance submitted her to their program and cut into her brain. She was smart, no doubt about that. Genius beyond the level of genius. She was correcting her brother's spelling at age three, pointing out mistakes in printed books by age six. Everything River has ever done came as naturally to her as breathing comes to others.

She was perfect for the Alliance program. A brain functioning at such a high capacity, and whoever River Tam had been was buried under layers of mental trauma, pain, and neurosis.

What was left was a mentally traumatized young woman capable of reading the truth of things, although completely unable to control it. River has difficulties seperating reality from fantasy at times, she has trouble conveying what she means, and as stable as she can seem at times, there are always the periods of instability to counteract her lucid periods.

Beyond that all, she loves learning, loves the people around her, enjoys the simplicity of things and the complexities. She's a little bit sarcastic when she can be, and her sense of humor alternates between dark and being easily amused by anything and everything. Her personality is impossible to pin down, although bits and pieces of who River Tam was still shine through the broken shards of the girl that is.

Abilities: River is a psychic. She's not simply a psychic, but she can see the truth of things, past, present, possibilities. She can hear the screaming of those long since dead, and she can see the darkness that lies ahead. She can hear animals and humans alike, and she has some limited control over her ability to hear others thoughts, although it's sporadic and not exactly refined.

In Manhattan, she will have a restriction to her abilities, where she was entirely capable of hearing an entire world crying out before, she will only feel to the borders of Manhattan. She will be unable to hear the crabs or big mommy, they'll be like black spots in her radar, so to speak. She'll also need to be closer to someone to actually hear their thoughts, unless she's focusing. which really, she wouldn't be often.

Beyond her supernatural abilities, she's a genius. She is a skilled combatant, and a graceful dancer. Things come very easily to her.
Weaknesses: River's most apparent weakness is her obvious mental instability. This can incapacitate her at odd times, sometimes crucial times, and while it can be a strength that she's off her kilter, for the most part her crazy gets in the way.

Another weakness would be her love for her brother. This would typically be considered one of her strengths, but for the fact that she has put herself in dangerous situations in an attempt to protect him from the life he's forced on himself in stealing her away from the Alliance.

as it had been a christian soul we hailed it in god's name
River Tam wasn't born insane. River Tam was an inspired and intelligent little girl, born into a wealthy family on Osiris. She had an older brother, Simon, whom she looked up to, loved, and adored. Despite the fact that she was better at him at everything, and the fact that she could be a brat about it when she wanted to be, Simon and River were very close. Where one was, the other was sure to be, sooner or later.

They grew up, and River, in her advanced learning and skill, picked out the most challenging program she could find, excited to learn. She was unwittingly entered into an Alliance program, and she was quickly accelerated to being one of the Alliances star pupils, a creature of extraordinary grace and already with an overly intuitive ability verging on supernatural.

She sent letters to Simon, in code, because the Alliance monitored what was sent by the students, enough to keep the family from thinking that something was wrong, but nothing substantial. She knew Simon would be able to crack the code, even in her deteriorating mental state, she knew he'd save her.

It took him the better part of two years to get her out, but rescue her he did, at the cost of his future and his freedom. When she awoke free of the Alliance, she was aboard a Firefly ship, named Serenity.

Serenity became home. A truer home to her than their home on Osiris had been, for eight months. On Serenity, she met people she considers as much family as Simon. They traveled to exciting new worlds, and once River was almost burned at the stake. Another time, Simon led a heist, taking her into the heart of Ariel in an attempt to figure out what was wrong with his sister.

She knew he wouldn't figure it out, not truly, and she hated the drugs he gave to her after it, because while at times they stabilized her, made her feel real and whole again, before she fell apart once more.

She proved herself to be a valuable member of the crew, despite their misgivings about her, time and time again, from helping Kaylee when the other girl was too afraid to shoot armed men, to organizing and executing a detailed plan to trick a bounty hunter who had come after her.

Eventually, Mal, the Captain of Serenity, saw fit to include River on one of their heists. It was during this event they had an encounter with Reavers, a rare occurrence before. River was always very in-tune with the Reavers, a disturbing connection she never could voice, beyond feeling them and reacting to their broken minds, more shattered than even her own, triggering things that had broken her in the first place.

It was this event that caused Simon to decide to take River from Serenity, and while River hated leaving, she knew it wasn't safe for the people she loved, and it was better they left. Still, she was drawn, following them on their negotiating, when she encountered a trigger, a hidden message left for her by an Operative that was hunting her.

Out of her mind, the programming the Alliance had written into all their subjects, River not withstanding, was activated, and she began attacking everyone in the room, impervious to friend or otherwise. Simon caused her to sleep, and she was locked up in the storage locker off Serenity's kitchen.

River recalled a word, a purpose, the thing that had broken her so. Miranda. Determined to show the crew what was going on in her mind, she broke free of the storage locker eventually, and found the planet called Miranda, bringing it to Mal's attention, finally.

When they traveled to Miranda, River was overcome with the events that had transpired, the Pax in the air made to mellow out the people of Miranda, weed out aggression, ultimately killed the entire civilization, aside from a select few who became the Reavers. Her secret that wasn't hers was finally exposed and she was able to regain some of her mind. Still very psychic and with little filter, River is far from the picture of mental stability, but the secret was gone from her.

After a final face-down with the Reavers, they broadcast the truth of Miranda, and the Reavers, to as many worlds as they could. There was no guarantee that the Alliance wouldn't come after them, even with the secret River carried exposed, but they had grown used to the Alliance chasing them.

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